Friday, August 19, 2005

DS Sales Top 100,000 in One Week!

The new Nintendo DS release Jump Superstars, along with a new red DS, sent DS sales through the roof in Japan during the week of August 8th through the 14th. Overall, the over 100,000 DS sales accounted for 54% of all systems sold during the week, and even the Game Boy Advance SP saw an interesting upsurge to nearly 20,000 units.

The #1 DS title Jump Superstars overall saw an impressive 220,912 sales, or approximately 70% sell-through. The #2 title, Konami's World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 for PlayStation 2, also made another good showing in its second week with 102,048 sales. A lot of older Nintendo titles saw a boost this week with the new DS color. In the #3 spot was Nintendo's DS game Gentle Brain Exercises, a June 30th release, which saw an over 150% increase from last week with 46,873 sales. At #4 is Sega's June 23rd Game Boy Advance release The King of Beetle Mushiking: Greatest Champion with 36,309 sales, and at #5 is the GameCube title Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, in its second week with 34,108 sales.

The high DS sales this week further widen the DS' lead over the PlayStation Portable in lifetime to date sales, as the DS now leads the PSP by 1,269,153 sales. A bar chart showing DS vs. PSP sales can be seen above.

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