Monday, August 29, 2005

Nds Save backups work

So Brian successfuly created an nds file that transfers the EEPROM save file of the nds games to the sram of the Supercard, and save it in a (2.40 patched) gba save file.

I can confirm myself that this method works, although it takes a minute to do this procedure, but it's worth it.

cory1492 posted the site to download the source code and the EEPROM.nds file that you need, and there is also a readme file although I will post a step-by-step procedure later this day.

I will be uploading them to filefront for backup so if the site goes down they will be available(and if I lose the file it will be there).


  1. This is BRILLIANT, congrats and many thanks to brian.

    To "F@nAt|(", PLEASE can you get the files uploded to, or, or something like that - none of the torrents work.

  2. The torrent files have strange characters in the filenames. Not all of the torrent-clients (i.e. shareaza) support this. Try for example bitlord; evrything should work with it (except the torrents are down).

  3. I cannot upload them all, these are not 4M files these are 3x more. Just wait for the software to come out it will be out by the end of this month or the first week of september.

  4. the comment on the official sc forum about the patcher is fake because it wasn't made by the ral romman.

  5. i mean that what i wrote is real but i wrote "ral" instead of "real" ok

  6. then why the chinese release of the app shortly after... duh - it is romman posting there

    quoted from chinese babbling fish translation:
    "Everybody anticipation long NDS game transformed software finally to emit, this edition into testing version DS special-purpose transformation software 2.41

    Superpass special-purpose 2.41 transformed software to issue, please to downloading area

    You need the superpass coordination to be able to move the NDS game on supercard

    Matters needing attention:

    - Please correspond your supercard edition transformation software otherwise to be able to appear the mistake!

    - GBA plays the family not to need to promote transformation software (this transformation software is NDS plays 1.5 essences versions special-purpose)

    - At present only supports below 256M ROM to transform (above 256M you to need to wait for new essence procedure)

    - Transformation DS plays ROM must be has not revised, also is ROM which in the network spreads

    After - the present partial games appears the transformation not to have the byte or the white screen (we can carry on revision in the after time)"

  7. english version released as well now too... as well as the butt protection.

    "# The same function as PASSME, if you want to know more about PASSME, please view
    # It requires the use of a commercial DS cart (for authentication) and a SuperCard or orther GBA flash cart.
    # We do not recommand anyone use SuperPass and SuperCard to play comercial NDS roms. We will not be responsible for any customers' behavior.
    # Some new DS model not support, please confirm before you buy it."

  8. confirming the patcher 2.41 works (very quickly actually) with the following offline list verified clean dumps (dont have a 2M save cart handy to see if Nintendogs saves right ATM though)

    0001-ElectroPlankton (JP)(no)
    0002-Need for Speed Underground 2(US)(64)
    0019-Mr. Driller - Drill Spirits(US)(64)
    0052-Another Code (EU)(64k)
    0084-Animaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action!(EU)(TBC)
    0089-Chihuahua & Friends(US)(2M)
    0090-Lab & Friends(US)(2M)
    0091-Dachshund & Friends(US)(2M)

  9. Advance Wars (US) does not wish to boot with metroid (dual black screens), probably crashing on the save check...

  10. The patcher is out... so where are you all getting DS roms? I can't find them anywhere...

  11. Ahh, cant say where I got mine, but I can say I got them within hours of their releases over the past few months..

  12. They currently posted some links on the official site if you'd like check there, one of them was I think.

  13. I have updated the EEPROM tool with some minor "girlie" changes, and it can be found on site (hopefully it doesnt go down often)
    Source is included. Not much has changed, aside from a method to compare the first 12 characters of the EEPROM and current SRAM to see if the backup is accurate... not entirely sure it is working right though


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