Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Supercard Official Site back to normality + Release of Patching Software v2.41

So the official supercard site has now been restored to normality, and good news for everyone the beta v2.41 of the patcher is out. Not ALL the games work with this patcher though but it will be fixed as time passes. At least we have something to do by then.

Hope you enjoy playing DS Games. I am currently downloading the software so as soon as it is finished it will be up on Filefront.


  1. cooooooooool...now i just need to know where to get a superpass

  2. looks like the site is restricted again...

    any rate, see you all in a week or so (moving) have fun with your new SC patchers and let us all know what doesnt work :)

  3. For the site, redirections always put a www. in front of the url. Juste remove the www. each time you hit a link. Worked from me. Tried to patch 3 games (nanotray, wario and bomberman. Only bomberman seem to work (hurray, I already have this game :)). This was my first attempt, will try others later

  4. I have patched 18 games all. It is hard to find roms that are not patched

  5. Well it's not that hard to find roms, but to find clear roms. But until now all the roms I have patched all worked on sc. Now I will wait for saving, so we have to wait about 2-3 weeks to see this out although brian already did a good work.

  6. http://www.romman.net/forum/UploadFile/2005-8/200582610505894.rar
    there are 94 roms in all 66 work with the patch software 2.41


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