Thursday, August 18, 2005

Supercard software @ 95%

Could we have an update on the status of the patching software please?
Perhaps a release date
or some more games would suffice :)

[ look ] 212.67.*.* 2005-8-18 13:56:14
Apparently its 95% ready

So the software is partially finished, and this week or the next it should be released to public use.


  1. Nice!

    btw, I have no clue of the "memory space" in cartridges, so do someone know if some games have larger space than others? And if it is possible to "backup" the savegames in these original cartridges?

  2. What games are you talking about nintendo ds or gba games ?

  3. Nintendo DS. I want to use one of my DS game to savegames from the supercard. I tried bomberman and rayman, both work with ridgeracer, but I am wondering if some games have larger memory.

  4. These two sites have a complete list of all the game saves check them out -> Site1 and Site2

  5. Thank you, it is what I need. So to save DS games from the supercard on a cartridge, the cartridge need enough memory?

  6. For a game that have a save file of 64K you need a cartridge that supports that file size. For example Ridge Racers has a save file of 64K, and metroiod demo of 4K, so it cannot save into a 4K size limit.


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