Friday, August 26, 2005

Supercard Torrent Roms

I will be uploading Supercard Torrents to megaupload for those that have problems viewing the Supercard's site.


  1. Umm is strange, the files inside torrent are:


    That corresponds with the releases of:

    0029 GoldenEye - Rogue Agent USA
    0036 Daigasso! Band Brothers JPN
    0047 Rayman DS USA
    0051 Retro Atari Classics EUR
    0054 Tiger Woods PGA Tour EUR

    Is possible that the info inside the torrent is wrong.

  2. yep five in there for sure

    can someone test these and confirm?

  3. 0029.nds.rar - GoldenEye
    0036.nds.rar - Daigasso
    0047.nds.rar - SpiderMan 2
    0051.nds.rar - Retro Atari Classics
    0054.nds.rar - Tiger Woods

  4. So are the names of the games in the file all correct, so I will update the names, but I got them from the actual post so there shou;d be no mistakes.

  5. For those that don't know where to match releases numbers with game name, check this site:

    Fanatic told me about this site a week ago, when I was looking for save sizes

  6. a good site indeed ;)

    however, RomMan does not appear to be using "proper" scene numbers for his releases (see an alternate list without save info at§ion=release_list

    the ones I put above are correct (tested for names myself)

    the info directly from the .torrent as to which releases were used for these patched ones is:
    nfo section from the .torrent file:
    0036 - Daigasso! Band Brother (J)(GBXR)
    0044 - some japanese text...
    0043 - Spiderman 2 (U)(BT)
    0051 - Retro Atari Classics (U)(Wario)
    0054 - Tiger Woods PGA TOUR (E)(GBXR)
    as you can see, the numbers clearly dont match...
    0029 - GoldenEye Rouge Agent - 4k save
    0036 - Daigasso! Band Brother - 2Mbit save
    0047 - Spiderman 2 - 4k save
    0051 - Retro Atari Classics - 4k save
    0054 - Tiger Woods PGA TOUR - 64k save

  7. sorry for the multiple posts, but: I was looking forward to trying Rayman, but its definitely spiderman.

  8. No problem, in comments there is no double posting just if you forgot something post it. And yes you are right, because even when I use BitComet, if you go to properties you will see the list of files contained in the torrent and the actual files you are downloading an the numbres are different

  9. how can i get to see the site? i'm in the u.s.

  10. help! I'm using a SuperCard (SD), Firmware 1.5, and FlashMe. I can't even get SM64 to load even when I have the real game in the DS slot. I did find out however that Metroid and a PassMe (I can't try independently b/c I soldered them together) does load the games even though I'm not always able to save. Can someone else confirm this and tell me why?

  11. do you have the supercard menu in the bottom screen? with flashme, you need to hold a b x y when powering on the unit to get access to nds games

  12. Go to this post there are some guidelines.

  13. To be able to view the site you need to use chinese proxies, go to this webpage
    and try all the chinese proxies available.

    If you do not know how to enter proxies in your browser just :

    click on "Tools"
    then click on "Internet Options"
    goto "Connections" tab
    "LAN Settings"
    check "Use proxy server..."
    enter the proxy server address and port.
    And you are done.

  14. couldn't you just give me one? well thanks


    At least this one works for me.


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