Monday, August 22, 2005 Site is currently !! DOWN !!

Currently the Official Supercard site is currently down.
We hope that it will be up soon to check for latest news, maybe it is being rearranged to suite the new supercard for nds.
If anybody have some news about the Supercard site (if it is up,etc), please post updates in comments.Thanks!


  1. ahh, the site is up but it appears the server is set to only allow IP's that originate in China (could have something to do with these new roms being released and not legal in some countries?)... proxy lately anyone?

  2. correction, it appears to be connectable again from NA right now.

  3. So any proxies that work ? Any list available.


    had to try a bunch before I found one that worked, seems the 21*.* are the best bet

  5. could you just post one that works for you, because I have tried some and it says network problems, and other errors that I do not remember came up. But the problem is, how are we going to get future Supercard updates?? that is the question. Whoever happens to encounter ROMMAN please just bring some news, good news and post here.


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