Saturday, September 03, 2005

Attention !! About M3 !!

On a member posted this :-

Thanks for your concern about our products.
We will have our agents in every country and district, and you can contact our
agents for purchasing our products or you may buy it from online shops after our
products have been put out.
We will list their websites on M3 site.
No need modify your console, just plug&play.
Save in GBA cart and then save in CF/SD card.
You Can play SNES games by SNES emulator , but it is not perfect. It is not
concerned about G6, and that’s the emulator’s problem.
In fact , we can make it ,but we don’t do it. Because the conversion file are
very larger, and the movie file reaches 256Mb.We think 10FPS is enough and movie
effects is good.
Can support our own format rom, GST & clean dump rom. later .


That means clean dumps are not supported yet.

[Quoted fromalbrowne a member of the Unofficial Supercard site]

Also note that it says 'Save in GBA cart and then save in CF/SD card. ', JUST like SuperCard and that it uses SNESDS, JUST like SuperCard and that it runs movies at 10 FPS JUST like SuperCard and that DS roms need to be patched to run on it, JUST like SuperCard.

So check before you buy M3 if you already own a Supercard.


  1. Well you deserve that, no? I did not post those words by myself so I fairly quoted your nick.


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