Thursday, September 15, 2005

GameBoy Micro Part2 : The Interior

So we have seen the exterior design of the GameBoy Micro in Part1, and now we'll see the interior circuit of the GBM.

Thanks to PC Watch for the photos click HERE if you want to see more.


  1. WOW, they sure crammed alot of stuff onto that PCB... not sure what the advantage of another GBA with an even smaller screen is though (aside from the fact its using TFT/backlit display like the DS..)

  2. just a side note, someone on gbatemp (IIRC) has mentioned that SC is NOT compatible with the GB Micro...

  3. Yes I heard that the SC did not work, but I think they also mentioned that the GBA also did not work with the lastest firmware 1.5, so maybe if you rollback the firmware to an older version maybe you could fix the problem.

    Also there have been lots of rumours that Nintendo is working out not to let the SC play on Nds and GameBoy systems so maybe that is another cause of non-working SC.

  4. Just dug through 4 boxes of not unpacked stuff in my room then realized I already unpacked it... kind of funny but never did try the SC on a GBA so I dug up my GBA and did so with kernel 1.50...

    boots fine...
    picks roms fine....
    runs the gba ebooks fine...
    will look for fresh batteries and try some gba roms later, but SC 1.50 seems to be working great with stuff patched in the most recent patcher program on my GBA (not SP)

  5. I never had a gba to try the SC on I only have the DS so maybe those who say that the new firmware does not work are so dumb that did not convert with the new patching software to play the gba games with the new firmware.

  6. Just bought a GB micro today and can confirm supercard CF


  7. I heard that maybe there will be a firmware update for the GBM, but I am not sure as it was not official, but we will see what will happen. But it's better that they focus on the saving for the nds system for now.


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