Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lots of Updates this wekkend Supercard + Wi-Fi !!!!!


So Romman posted on the forums that the v1.51 of the firmware is finished, and will soon be releasing the patching software.

New firmware 1.51 is ready for you!!! [ Anon:roman ] 2005-9-24 22:20:49

Hi, I am romman, our supercard team has finished new firmware 1.51, and covert software will ready soon. And we will release them together.
New firmware feature:
1. Can save game to CF ot SD directly and automaticly. There is a .sav file with the NDS game just like GBA. But can save game to CF and SD without press any HOT keys.
2. Can run game more than 256Mbits, you can play any size games now.
3. Run NDS games directly from CF ot SD card. Very Very fast without loading the game in to Supercard RAM.


Wi-Fi Update!!

Well as an Anonymous person posted in the comments the Wi-Fi hack has considerably advanced to another level. Well done to Stephen !!

Field of work Completion Level
Receiving data: 100%
Transmitting data: 100%
Interrupts/Data Queuing: 100%
arm7/arm9 communication structure: 100%
802.11b implementation (arm7): 100%
TCP/IP [integrating lwIP] (arm9): 20%
API for other wireless functions (arm9): 95%

Well here is an update of the process scene, and as you can see , only the TCP/IP implementation is remaining.

Quote Stephen :
"I have now got transmit working smoothly and the DS has successfully associated to an access point :) From here on it's just TCP/IP integration."


So this is the end of the updates for now, hope for more updates soon.


  1. he now finished it all and he is doing so more things!yay!

  2. can you please remove the "bad" javascript from this page?

  3. My virusscan show this adware when loading your page:

    It's new for like 3 days

  4. lmao, you have the adware on YOUR computer. The page is fine, except for the fact that it does not display correctly in IE6.

  5. get this a:
    that will kill istbar from you PC...

  6. Well the code I try get should be safe, if you are using IE you will surely get a worm/adware once in an hour, so I use Opera/Firefox.

    I know about some problems that occur with IE7 but unless I have the right code I cannot do much, but I suggest you use Firefox/Opera they are far better than IE in my opinion although I have nothing against IE.

  7. I use opera, but identify as IE for compatibility. I switched the identification to opera, it's ok now.


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