Wednesday, September 21, 2005

NDS Patcher that loads DS games from any GBA flashcart !! Updated !!

Sorry for late news but I was formatting my PC.

Well a patcher for ds games has been released to patch DS games to load from any GBA cart. A great step forward in the DS scene, although you still have to use the QPC method. It also trims the roms, for faster loading.

Quote from readme - "This program will patch a normal (ie. not a GST release) rom to allow it to load from a GBA flash cart instead of the usual NDS card. It also attempts to patch the saving functions so that it can save on the flash cart's SRAM instead of using the NDS card's SRAM."

I have tested this myself and I am currently uploading the zip file on Filefront so everyone can download it.

Hope you enjoy it, I really am.

UPDATE: You do not need to have different ds carts for saving. I saved NintendoDogs with metroid demo in the DS slot, although I did not have a 2Mb gba save, it saved part of the data, but it works. I also tried NFS2DS and Ridge Racer, but they do not work.


  1. I am using only Metroid Demo to boot.. do not need any other card.. i could play Nintendogs ( Freezes when save gets too big, becouse 64k Sram GBA limitation )

  2. ok, so where can i download this new update? it's not on the site...

  3. Yes I tried Nintendogs, the Chiuaua one, but mine does not freeze, although it does not save all data. And I also succeeded in the loading too but then I cannot buy things etc.

  4. It has not been released from supercard team. And you can download from here it's our download database.

  5. bonus, with the SC the files load a tad faster with this patcher as they are not in a Digitally Secure (.dsi) format... to me that means the SC is decrypting the secure info while its loading .dsi files.


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