Saturday, September 10, 2005

New DS Titles From Sega to join Monkey Ball.

News earlier in the week that Super Monkey Ball was bound for the DS was enough to hold us over for many months, but Sega didn't stop there. The company has announced two other games for the system, and while they probably won't offer the same addictive challenge of Monkey Ball, they should command a following, especially in Japan.

First up is a DS adaptation of Mushi King, Sega's world-conquering arcade game for kids. Following up on a successful Game Boy Advance release that has already topped the half million sales mark, Sega will be brining Konchuu Ouja Mushi King: Greatest Champion e no Michi DS to the DS. The game is listed as an RPG, and given that it shares the same name as the GBA title, we're expecting a similar game. A Japanese release is set for 12/8.

The other new game is set for release in 2006. Sega will be tapping into the Doraemon license for a new DS game titled Doraemon: Nobuta no Kyouryuu 2006 DS, or Doreamon: Nobuta's Dinosaur 2006. The game is listed as an RPG, but aside from that details are top secret at this point.

These two titles join Monkey Ball (set for December release) and Sonic Rush (now set for Japanese release on 11/23) to form a strong DS lineup from the former Nintendo rival.

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