Saturday, September 24, 2005

No news from RommaN but good news from Stephen's WiFi

Well last week I posted on the WiFi hack development, and now it's at 80%-90% finish.

Field of work Completion Level
Receiving data: 100%
Transmitting data: 85%
Interrupts/Data Queuing: 95%
arm7/arm9 communication structure: 100%
802.11b implementation (arm7): 85%
TCP/IP [integrating lwIP] (arm9): 20%
API for other wireless functions (arm9): 90%

As you see in the table above extracted from the original @ you will notice that it's more thatn 50% finished and as Stephen reported he is smoothly sailing from now on.

I hope he makes progress in this soon so we could all benefit from lots more hacks that use ds Wi-Fi, we could also be able to play online without the official nintendo Wi-Fi connection. As far as I know I will hardly see Nintendo's Wi-Fi in my country, so at least I will be able to play online if I want to using Wi-Fi hacks thanks to people like Stephen.

Keep an eye on Wi-Fi as it will soon make a huge BOOM on the DS.


  1. yay! hope he gets it out soon!

  2. No news from Romman? Never seen him use this IP but someone posted this:

    New firmware 1.51 is ready for you!!! [ Anon:roman ] 2005-9-24 22:20:49 Edit Reply
    "Hi, I am romman, our supercard team has finished new firmware 1.51, and covert software will ready soon. And we will release them together.
    New firmware feature:
    1. Can save game to CF ot SD directly and automaticly. There is a .sav file with the NDS game just like GBA. But can save game to CF and SD without press any HOT keys.
    2. Can run game more than 256Mbits, you can play any size games now.
    3. Run NDS games directly from CF ot SD card. Very Very fast without loading the game in to Supercard RAM."

    so if that is correct, then likely the convert software is only a short way off and we will see it soon...


  3. just looked at the akkit site and guess what?
    Receiving data: 100%
    Transmitting data: 100%
    Interrupts/Data Queuing: 100%
    arm7/arm9 communication structure: 100%
    802.11b implementation (arm7): 100%
    TCP/IP [integrating lwIP] (arm9): 20%
    API for other wireless functions (arm9): 95%

    much closer now! lwIP and API are all thats left...

  4. Not everybody has Unique IP ... mine is allways the same .. but i know lot of people ho gets a new IP every time they get logged in..

  5. That IP is from China at least,

    inetnum: -
    netname: CHINANET-GD
    descr: CHINANET Guangdong province network

    So it probably is, though why romman doesn't login to the SC boards I have no idea.

  6. because he forgot his password... Im assuming its the admin password for that forum as well so they cant just reset it...

    any rate, only reason why I mention the IP is that the posts from "roman" that have been accurate have only come from 2 IP's in the last 20 pages, on in china and one in canada.

    Im inclined to beleive it though because the main page got updated info about the GBM + SC at pretty much the same time (within minutes of that post, as far as I can tell)

  7. Steph once again updated his site.
    Everything stepped up to 100 % except TCP/IP... What a busy guy...

  8. i gess he will get 2000 dollers happier .. =]

    very nice work...

    as he said EURECA!


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