Saturday, September 17, 2005

Some interesting DS homebrew Apps to try on Supercard while waiting.

Some of you have heard or even tried these homebrew apps, but for those that are not aware I will post the links to their respective homepages to find out more. Some of these apps are in development process, but do show something on the screen when you try them.

So here is a small list:-

DSLinux: this app ports linux to the nintendo DS system. It currently shows some linux loading code on the upper screen of the DS, while touch keyboard is shown on the lower screen.

WinsDS: this app shows a GUI on both screens and is highly developed. You can drag, write on the notepad, play tic-tac-toe, and there is also a love calvulator.

WindowsDS: this emulates WinXp on the DS, but currently it only shows a splash screen. (Sorry I lost the website for this if anyone knows what it is post in comments pls thank you)

NOTE: I patched these roms with ndsloader.bin to make them work on supercard. If you do not know how to patch them read Here and scroll down to read.


  1. i don't understand how to aply the loader

  2. you did or didnt append the NDSLOADER.BIN

    becouse it didnt woirk here.. i will try append by my self...

    and what is the link to the windowsds coder?

  3. To apply the loader follow this link and scroll down through the comments where there is a tutorial on this also with links to download the loader.

  4. Here I recalled the part that should help you.

    Download these files:

    Run this command in windows command prompt in the dir containing the files

    copy /b ndsloader.bin + flashme.nds flashme1.nds

    copy flashme1.nds to your CF

  5. i thought that this was for all homebrew programs to be able to run in tha supercard, not flashme

  6. These are DSS homebrew programs, so you will either need /superpass/passme/wifime/flashme in order to run them, but there is also a gba version of winsDS, but of course no dragging etc.

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