Monday, September 19, 2005

Some interesting NintendoDS Gadgets

I was searching through Google when I encountered some interesting NintendoDS gadgets that I did not know about their existence, yet until now.

NO.1 The NDS/GBASP camera ;


<1.1> Photo - Taking
<1.2> Photo management
<1.3> Memory management
<1.4> Connection to PC
<2> Built-in 8 MB memory capacity
<3> 640 * 480 pixel resolution
<4> Can save upto 26 hotographs
<5> Photos can also be deleted
<6> No matter day or night, indoors or out doors,contrast can be adjusted
<7> Colours include tend to blue, tend to red, natural and rich colour"
<8> 9 photos can be viewed on each page
<9> Photographs canbe viewed on each page
<10> Photographs can also be viewed one by one in a sequence
<11> Photograph could be backup to computer by USB port.

NO.2 NDS Solar Charger;


Uses sunlights to charge the NDS game console

NO.3 NDS Winding Handle Charger;


Rotate the handle to charge the NDS game console and no need of any other power source.

No.4 NDS Speaker Amplifier

Amplifies the NDS sound using the speakers + they are also foldable.


The site from where I extracted these gadgets is, plus there are also other products that I think you have already seen but I did not post here so it's up to you to take a look.

Maybe not all of these gadgets are in production state, but I have to admit that they are very interesting, especially the solar charger and the camera.

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