Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Some Updates on supercard !

So, ROMMAN AND HIS TEAM or THE SUPERCARD TEAM worked out how to directly load and save from/to CF/SD cards. Right now they have finished the CF part and working on the SD part.

Well RommaN began to visit the english forum more frequently and gave some updates, yes because he is not in Canada anymore but in CHINA again. I think that everyone agrees with me when I say that Hong-Kong, Tokyo, and China altogether form a completely modern and technological world (I would like to live there).

So all of us (Supercard Users) are waiting for the final update that will turn our supercard for GBA into a NDS/GBA card. We never expected this to happen, but dreams come true sometimes.


I will be updating every few hours if there are news or very good news, so keep an eye on supercard.blogspot.com . You'd better bookmark this site/blog.


  1. I allways belived in ROMMAN .. Supercard is fantastic.. and is became best option for NDS faster then can i imagine...

  2. can you guys ask him to realese the cf one please?

  3. Many of us told him to release the CF version, but he will not release, at least he did not release it until now.

    I think he will release the complete 100% working software to put an end for now and satisfy all of us at once.

    I can assure you that thid week romman will release the software for sure, maybe tommorow or the day after it will be released. We'll wait and see.

  4. all the posters need to take a pill, relax, and get a job :P .
    This product has gone leaps and bounds above any other copier i have owned; to ever imagine that it could be used on 2 platforms is unbelievable..... and guess what getting a good stable product take TIME!!!!
    Do we want a MicroSh1t product that needs to be fixed every few days or a STABLE usable product that will stand the test of time.
    Be VERY happy that you have chosen a developer that cares about his product and the scene, and if you are patient then the product will be worht the wait ;).
    I personally have been playing Hexen as that is an excellent game to while the time away until some of the kinks are worked out on the new firmware.

    Peace to all and happing romming.


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