Saturday, September 17, 2005

Some WiFi interesting news you will enjoy.

You thought developers left WiFi apart, but here is a site of a Wi-Fi "hacker". See for yourself there is also a development stage design.

This is part of the developer's words on his project:

"The API will be purely exposed on ARM9, and will consist of a TCP interface through lwIP (look it up for it's api), a small raw interface to allow sending/receiving raw data, and a custom interface to poll for and connect to access points and other wireless networks.
As far as integration goes, it'll probably require a function to be called on init of arm7 and arm9, a function to be called periodically on arm7 and arm9 (via timer or vblank), and the wifi interrupt will need to be connected on arm7."

Click for Site

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  1. there has been a "wifi bounty" for some time now accepting donations - the donations to go to the person who hacks the wifi and provides API/TCPIP stack, think its up around $2000 now, which I think SgStair is going for.


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