Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Supercard also works with GBM

Romman, officially confirmed on the Supercard website that the Supercard works with the GameBoy Micro.

Notice that I have put two different photos one with a Supercard CF , and the other with a Supercard SD, so that you see for yourself that both work with the GBM.


  1. Now I wonder if that is using a different version firmware or not... glad I dont have a GBM, eyestrain and carpal tunnel are bad enough with the DS :)

    Just in case you missed my post to the SC forums, I have been working on Brians tool for backing up EEPROMS, and there is much WIP, and a 2.0 and 2.1 version available at http://nds.cmamod.com using fixed routines for the EEPROM read/write :)

  2. Tahnks for the good work cory... but did you read the forum.. someone did a patcher tool to save on SC SRAM.. so we can save with QPC, we dont need to save on Original card...

  3. As a matter of fact I did :)

    Doing the coding to kill some time and work out why writing to SRAM is being difficult for me from code, not to mention that I also learned how to write to EEPROM from code (which will be nice esp if HB is eventually able to save to SD/CF with a patch like the .nds games do with that patcher - the Etool is not the only thing I work on...)

    BTW, not all games patch the gamesave correctly so saves can be still lost - but I did test the save to SRAM with Akuma Dracula (castlevania JPN) and with QPC/SC it appears to be working at least...

  4. I got the micro the first week it came out and I also have the SuperCard Sd with 1 gig SD card. This is my experience with the card. Most games work initially, but tend to end up crashing/freezing. The games are patched correctly and work fine on my GBA SP and Nintendo DS. The circuitry of the GBA Micro must be different as is not fully compatible with all games. Even the NES games that are emulated by the supercard crash. It makes emulation on the micro unpleasant. The graphics are great, but the games are not fully functional.


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