Monday, September 19, 2005

TGS:- Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble

Viewtiful Joe Scratch!, as it is known in Japan, is in a word, Viewtiful. It's beautiful too.

The DS's moderate 3D abilities are put to their fullest in this amazing DS product, with full 3D on both screens. The top screen (at least, depending on how you scratch or set the angle) is a zoomed-in picture of the main screen action, while the bottom screen was the regular Viewtiful Joe action. It's dressed up with the comic-style animation shading, and character detail was fantastic and smooth throughout. World detail was also colorful and busy with polygons, with only some small concessions in texture smoothness (which we probably wouldn't have gone looking for if we hadn't watched the game for so long waiting in line for Japanese children to let us big boys play.) The framerate was nice and fast throughout despite having both screens filled with 3D detail. The only detail that marked this DS version out against its Cube papa was that the slo-mo sequences animated with some frame-doubling instead of the console's perfect smoothness. All in all, a dazzling display on DS.

You may see some screenshots HERE
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