Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land

Back in July we had a first look at Tony Hawk DS, the then-untitled sequel for the dual screen handheld. The reason for the lack of a name was pretty clear after playing the game: the development team is clearly aiming its portable project in a completely different direction than the console sequel, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. The Nintendo DS and GBA rendition will be completely original designs that are based upon the existing, established Tony Hawk gameplay mechanics. So, this November, be prepared to say hello to Tony Hawk's American Sk8land on the handhelds.

The Nintendo DS version of Tony Hawk will utilize a very stylized art direction that will truly set itself apart from the console renditions. We've already experienced this engine in motion in a very early hands-on, and the game in that pre-alpha build was already running at 60 frames per second in full 3D environments, complete with a ton of graphical detail in the area. The game will be the first Tony Hawk game to offer a constant overhead view of the skateparks via the lower screen's scrolling map that shows locations and objectives.

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