Friday, September 16, 2005

Well what I thought about SC was true then.

Quote from forums from exzapel:

"I just read the front page, I can confirm this post is true upon speaking with romman about it. He said that he would just like to release them at the same time. But infact, the CF version of the kernel is done.

However, he said he wasn't sure how soon the SD version will be done and that it may take as little as a day or as long as a few weeks, these are not his exact words I mind you, this is the impression I got.

But he truly has confirmed there is a CF version done and an SD version on the way to completion and that neither will be released until they are both finished. I hope that I helped you understand the situation. "

by exzapel


  1. Great news. Good Luck Romman!

  2. yep ; wise choice !

    can´t wait though :)

    good luck !

  3. Whould be nice to realease the CF version.. there is musch more CF users then SD.. and we still have to wait =[

  4. Yes Poland can't wait more.

  5. Well I am biting my nails because I am getting nervous.

    He should have not released that they succeeded in saving 4 days ago, we have been waiting too long. If he released that information just 2 days before the work was completely finished it was ok.

    I just want my CF firmware and software.

  6. think how the m3 people feel... haha

  7. Well I am not going to say anything about the M3 guys, because I already heard too much.

    I thought Romman and the Supercard Team tried to make it for the weekend as they did withe the patched roms. I only have about 2-3 weeks left on holidays before school starts, and I would like to experience some hardcore gaming before I start "studying" for exams.


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