Friday, October 14, 2005

New firmware 1.52 and software 2.42 OUT !!

So the Supercard software/firmware that all of us Supercard owners were waiting for has finally been released.

You can download the CF and SD version from

Temporarily the Official Site is down, but will be up soon.

I am sorry to say this but M3,and G6 are nothing near to the SUPERCARD, because the SUPERCARD is far better in anything. Look at the less than 1sec load time.


  1. I agree there is nothing like Supercard =]

    Some Jellous company haked teh supercard Website =] too late the firware was already spread!

  2. Ps: The CF Pather program in filwfront is worng.. the file supose to have 3.3 MB

  3. I checked the file I uploaded and it was corrupted so I uploaded another one, and also created some directories to organise the files.


  4. Whats about the power consumtion of the supercard? Is that true that the M3 lasts twice longer than the supercard?

    9 Hours > 4 Hours

    (comparisontable from

  5. that's wrong because people at some forum(gbamp something) said thet the m3 takes up a lot of power too.

  6. Supercard new firmware issues???
    I tried RidgeRacerDS and Marvel Nemesis. Somehow, both running directly from CF have random hook-ups turning both screens black @ RR after finishing a race (just right before the replay is shown) and that Marvel Game hook up stopping both screens and keeping some noise looping.

    Anybody else facin' this probs?

  7. Well I have tried both games and they work perfectly for me. I have had no slowdowns yet, although Marvel Nemesis takes a while when loading through scenes directly from the CF card.

  8. Try RRDS up to course no.4; it also seems it crashes randomly :(

    Same thing with Marvel Nemesis.... Later in the game there is some girl to be beat.... During that level, that girl suddenly disappeared (hope its not one of her special moves *LOL*) But the game froze...

    Also there seems no MultiCard gaming possible (at least @ RR and Bomberman).

    Man that really suxxx...

  9. seems someone (a unnamed company) has initiated a DOS (denial of service) attack on SuperCard's site. Hmmm, wonder what company has anything agains SuperCard... "perfection" has its price I guess.

  10. sorry for the double post,
    ETool 3.11 is out now, I included a exe for the PC that will allow you to copy DS cart saves to a SRAM file with QPC method, then extract them to a compatible .sac file for loading with the SC SD/CF save loading patched roms.

  11. For the person who asked: I don't know about M3's power consumption, but my SD SuperCard lasts about seven hours on my DS and SP.

    The 1.52fw isn't 100% flawless, but it sure is nice. :) I was playing wireless Nintendogs today with my teenage sister. Very fun. Much thanx to RomMan & The SC Team.

  12. has aynone an idea why splin*** c**l dosn't work?

  13. Sure do, its got a archived filesystem within the filesystem, likely the current method of address patching isnt compatible and it cant find some of the things that are common to patch and rebuild the FS with the patches inside, resulting in the 0k file. Could possibly be a different form of compression on the bin files as well that hasnt been looked into by SC people yet.

    This is the same for K**rby as well. (whats with the **?) lol

  14. I managed to get onto the official forum for a second today and I see this post from Romman:

    Topic subject Don't run the Dardfade's movieplayer fix program.
    If you run the Dardfade's movieplayer fix program, you can not play NDS games.
    You'd better do not run any homebrew program at this moment.
    Posted: 2005-10-17 12:03:12

    and this response from they guy that did the PHP hack to get a different Icon on that board:


    Why make such a fuss?
    Everyone with a working Supercard wouldn't run it since there's nothing to fix.
    It's for the people that have an erased Supercard.
    Also see for feedback.
    Of course it's only helpful for the people that had FlashMe installed and have an alternative cartridge for applying FlashMe again.
    It restores a somewhat older version of SD/CF firmware. But it's possible to upgrade again afterwards. So it's kind of a downgrader if you run it with a working Supercard.
    Romman's fears are natural, since he sells these carts. But would it be better if I spread this fixing tool anonymously? no...
    Romman should be busy trying to find a workaround for the DoS attack on the supercard site. Who's behind it? G6Flash? NeoFlash? It certainly isn't me.
    And btw... I deserve it to be misspelled? (subject)

    At the moment I trust romman's post more than the word of someone who has already bricked DS's world wide, and who hacked on the forum he's posting to its self... although for those of you with a bricked supercard and a compatible wifime method, you may be able to now fix it... _maybe_

  15. Do people relize how much Cory1492 rules? This guy kicks ass. Thanx for making the 2mb/256KB saver. My li'l sister can keep the Nintendogs she trained using my buddy's DS while he's in China. Thanx buddy, you fully da man. [an odd place to post his praise, but this is what I was reading while d/l-ing his new software. forgive me.] F@nAt|( rules too! :)

  16. I totally agree with you that cory1492 is very good at coding, and not only.

    And btw thank you for your compliment but I left the blog somewhat on its own now that I have school, and it sucks. But soon I will be updating to a new format as for the new Era of the Supercard.

  17. The truly awesome coders are the ones who made the libs and toolchain I used ;)

    But your welcome anyways, anything to make a Threat's sister happy :)

    Some news, pre-news actually, there is a SC version of moonshell floating about now, MP3 and DMV movies direct off the CF/SD card, and its working great! Should be able to run homebrew that is .nds (wifi version, do not have to add the loader to convert to ds.gba) from MoonShell as well.

    Now that is, indeed, a heck of a great huge chunk of coding! (if only Romman/SC would release the info and let Infantile add the support himself...)

    Regardless of the lack of updates here, I still check back day to day, one of the very few blogs I look to for good info that I may miss elsewhere ;) Hope school goes cool for ya F@nAt|(

  18. PoTaToE speaking.
    Yes! Moonshell works good :) and can be modified by moonshell tools (background, startup.mp3, etc.)
    Let's desire the best to SC team!

  19. Well for the lack of updates I cannot do much because lately there have not been so much news althouc=gh some laziness from my side is one of the reasons.

    If all of you would like to suggest some news, info etc that you would like to see on the blog just pass a word/comment and I'll try to make what is possible to make you happy, I do not mind so much about school right now.


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