Thursday, October 13, 2005

So new Firmware will release on FRIDAY !!

Well as some reported from the chinese forums, the new firmware is numbered as the 1.52 version. Well the version may have changed from 1.51 into 1.52 since the Supercard's Team has been testing the software for bugs, and incompatibilities with some games.

So we are all waiting to see this new firmware and software, and of course try them. We all expect great things since we are talking about Supercard.

I will upload the firmware, and software as I arrive from school so that everyone could download it fast, although uploads it to their servers too.


  1. its already fridey on China =] hope it releases today

  2. it's already out!!!
    romman said :
    "Please download from the download page, and select the right version, CF or SD version. If you download the wrong version, such update SD firmware on you CF Supercard, it will not work. !!!"



  4. there is nothing change on this page and the forum i dead :(

  5. Solid mirror to the new software at:

    all versions of 1.52 firmware and 2.42 patcher.

    Thanks again Brakken!


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