Monday, October 10, 2005

Someone posted on the SC forums about the new SC firmware!

Well dunno but a guy named romman (maybe romman in persona) wrote on the Supercard's Official Forum that this week the new firmware and software will be released this week.

Quoted from SC'S official forums:

"We finished all work, and will test two days. I hope to release in this week.
Hope every one enjoy it."

So if this news is real we can expect the new software on Wednesday or maybe even tomorrow but by the end of this week ,if all goes plain sailing, we should have our hands on the new firmware and software.


  1. I think I speak for all NDS / SC owners when I say "OMFG! ROXOR!"

  2. me too, and i believe it is romman.
    Yay! OM*G!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Endlich! Wurde auch Zeit...
    Yay.. They had time enough now..

  4. Word is on the SC forum that the release date will be Friday :)


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