Sunday, October 09, 2005

Well Well !!

So as I navigated through the internet to look for some of the information I've been missing out, I have to say that I am very disappointed from the things I found out.

So the first one and the shortest one is that the Supercard Team did not release the firmware yet, but atleast they have done a decent forum for us english owners.

The second news and the most disappointed one is that of DarkFader. I never expected that someone would do such a thing to create a fake ds patcher or whatever that formats your ds, and flashcart to make them in some cases unusable.
There should be a fixing software that is going to be released by DarkFader, but how could we be sure from now on that our DS will be secure? And CAN we trust DarkFader anymore ??!

Surely none of us want that our money is thrown away especially when it is a considrable amount, because we are not talking about a calculator here that costs 1/20 of the ds price. BTW don't forget the flashcarts also! The ones that have been bricked are the supercard, the gbamp, the neoflash, and another cart that I forgot the name. But Darkfader said that he is working out on the M3, and G6 carts too.

As everybody is saying the DS homebrew scene will have an impact from this occurence. Everyone enjoys making homebrew, and I think that nobody wants to see his game on the shelves because of some silly s**t (let's talk my language now!).

DarkFader should clearly take responsibility of what he has done, because he destroyed what "he" created.


  1. it only affects flashcarts with upgradable firmwares


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