Friday, February 10, 2006

About NDS::Lite

As you all know by now the DS Lite is near production, and will soon be in our hands. The DS Lite is a reproduction(hope better) of the original NDS system. They decreased the size, the weight, and also repositioned some components. Although the gba cart is covered with a sort of door, we are hoping that will not interfere with the flashcarts we currently own.But that is not the real problem, surely something is going on from Nintendo to go around homebrew coders and/or rom pirates.

We will see what will happen, until then just see some pics of the DS Lite:


  1. see, i told ya that i still come to this site. lol

  2. The door on the lite, i imported one, and this "door" is just a plastic cartridge. also the sl1 port is still under the battery cover. the superpass/superpass2 pushes down top screen. also can someone send me the superpass 2 update files?

  3. superpass works ok... picked up the DS lite from here for cheap.

  4. The DS Lite is AMAZING! Its much easier to handle the stylus...and the system itself...than the original DS...


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