Friday, February 10, 2006

Wi-Fi updates

So the Wi-Fi milestones were all reached by Stephen. You can visit his site here Stephen's Wi-Fi Site.

Lately Nintendo also announced the VOIP capability for the DS console:

"News that forthcoming DS game Metroid Prime Hunters will have a voice over IP connection option was announced by NoA's Reggie Fils-Aime in at D.I.C.E. He said that VOIP was designed to facilitate "chatting" before and after battles in a lobby area, for example to decide on game settings, rather than "trash-talking" during play. Players can only use VOIP to talk to people on their Friends list.

A Nintendo of Europe spokesperson told "We are hoping that the VOIP feature will also be included in the European version of Metroid Prime Hunters for Nintendo DS but various regulatory and contractual issues need to be cleared first." The game set for a March 20th release date in North America, and will launch in Europe on May 5th. " article by

Now we all hope for a chatting software, something like ventrilo/Teamspeak that we currently use while playing FPS games to make our DS more alive.

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